In March 2020, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided INOVIO a grant of $5 million for testing and scale up of the CELLECTRA® 3PSP delivery device for the intradermal delivery of  INOVIO’s DNA COVID-19 vaccine in development (INO-4800).

In December 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded INOVIO a $1.6 million sub-grant through The Wistar Institute to develop a DNA-encoded monoclonal antibody designed to provide a fast-acting treatment against Zika infection and its debilitating effects.

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) first awarded INOVIO a grant of up to $9 million to fund ongoing preclinical and initial clinical development of INO-4800, INOVIO’s DNA vaccine for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. CEPI then provided $6.9 million to INOVIO and the International Vaccine Institute for a Phase 1/2 study in South Korea with 160 participants.

In April 2018, CEPI awarded a grant of up to $56 million to support INOVIO’s pre-clinical and clinical advancement through Phase 2 of INO-4500, its Lassa fever vaccine, and INO-4700, its MERS vaccine. The agreement will enable funding for INOVIO’s development efforts over a five-year period. The partnership agreement also includes, not counted in the total above, to establish investigational stockpiles of both vaccines.

HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) in collaboration with INOVIO and the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH/NIAID), have teamed together to develop a single or combination therapy using PENNVAX®– GP, with the goal of attaining long-term HIV remission in the absence of antiviral drugs. PENNVAX®-P is a developmental vaccine intended to prevent and treat HIV strains present in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. This comprehensive targeting gives PENNVAX®-GP the potential to provide global coverage against HIV-1 subtypes.

In January 2018, INOVIO entered into a Clinical Collaboration Agreement with the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy to undertake clinical evaluation of novel combination regimens within the field of immuno-oncology. We expect to benefit from the Parker Institute’s innovative research model, which brings together leading academic cancer institutions and companies to share resources, data and technology, accelerate research through unifying and managing clinical trial design, and conduct multi-center clinical trials. The goal of our collaboration is to design studies that have the potential to address cancers with high unmet need. The initial trial under consideration would address muscle-invasive bladder cancer with INO-5401 in combination with other immunotherapies.

Under the agreement, the Parker Institute will have responsibility for clinical study execution, working in collaboration with its established network of clinical academic and industry cancer centers. INOVIO will provide financial contributions if the product candidate studied under the collaboration reaches the initiation of a Phase 3 clinical trial.