GeneSwitch® gene regulation technology

Inovio's inducible gene regulation system, called GeneSwitch®, controls gene expression through an orally administered drug. Our extended portfolio of gene expression components also includes tissue-specific promoters and multi-gene cassettes. We are developing the GeneSwitch® system as a plasmid-based (non-viral) system to regulate expression of systemic proteins and potentially vaccines from the muscle for therapeutic purposes.

Potential applications for this gene regulation system include functional genomics and gene therapy. The GeneSwitch® system has been used to provide ligand-dependent transgene expression in transfected mammalian cells, in transgenic animals, and in preclinical gene therapy studies with viral and non-viral gene delivery systems.

The GeneSwitch® gene regulation system is available for licensing as a functional genomics research tool and for use in gene therapy products. To date, various corporate partners have obtained licenses to the technology for commercial research purposes, utilizing the technology as a platform tool in gene function and drug target discovery. Corporate partners who have licensed the GeneSwitch® system include:

  • Genzyme
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Synomyx
  • Pfizer

Contact Inovio's business development department for more details.