Intramuscular electroporation delivery

Inovio has conducted multiple clinical studies using its CELLECTRA® electroporation system. This device has been integral in establishing Inovio’s leadership in in vivo electroporation and validating electroporation’s ability to achieve best-in-class immune responses in combination with Inovio’s SynCon® immunotherapies.

Inovio’s research has established that delivery of a DNA immunotherapy into muscle (intramuscular delivery) achieves strong T-cell immune responses, which are considered vital to treating a disease. Our newest electroporation system, called the 5PSP (pictured below), is designed to deliver therapeutic DNA immunotherapies into muscle tissue with appropriate electroporation conditions and needle depth, and to facilitate optimal uptake by muscle cells of the immunotherapy, subsequent production of the intended antigen (gene expression), and immune responses. This device is designed to be battery operated, software driven, and portable, making it particularly suited for usage in the field.

Inovio Cellectra 5PSP Intramuscular Electroporation Delivery Device