Inovio electroporation devices are enabling new immunotherapies

Inovio leadership has been vital in advancing in vivo electroporation, the direct application of electroporation into a living organism. Our leadership has resulted in optimized electroporation methods and conditions conducive to the use of DNA immunotherapies in humans. Our extensive experimentation has built a growing data set corroborating the powerful effects of electroporation and their enabling effect on DNA immunotherapies.

Inovio innovation has led the development of new electroporation devices to produce the desired methods and conditions to deliver our synthetic immunotherapies safely, reliably and with a tolerability similar to existing needle injections. Inovio’s achievements are continually enhancing portability and cost to facilitate mass vaccination.

Inovio’s extensive synthetic vaccination research has highlighted that electroporation is ideal for inducing the production of killer T-cells, which are considered vital for treating infections or cancer cells, and the generation of neutralizing antibodies necessary for preventing infections. Inovio has developed intramuscular and intradermal electroporation devices best suited for delivering DNA immunotherapies into these tissue types, depicted below, in order to elicit desired gene expression and immune response characteristics.

Inovio Electroporation Devices Facilitate Vaccine Delivery to Different Target Tissue & Depths