The preeminent method for delivering and enabling immune responses from DNA immunotherapies

Most drugs and all genes – including DNA-based immunotherapies - used for medicinal benefit act on “machinery” inside a cell to perform their intended function. However, cells are designed to resist the entry of foreign materials through their outer membrane and this cellular mechanism was previously the primary challenge to achieving the powerful immune responses promised by DNA-based vaccines. Various experimental delivery alternatives failed to safely and effectively facilitate the intended immune responses from this new generation of vaccines. Until now.

Inovio’s electroporation technology has shown a preeminent ability to safely and effectively deliver DNA-based immunotherapies. Numerous human studies have to date demonstrated best-in-class immune responses from DNA immunotherapies delivered using electroporation.

Electroporation uses controlled, millisecond electrical pulses to create temporary pores in the cell membrane and allow dramatic cellular uptake of a synthetic DNA immunotherapy previously injected into muscle or skin. The cellular machinery then uses the DNA’s instructions to produce one or more proteins associated with the targeted disease. These foreign protein(s), or antigen(s), mimic the presence of an actual pathogen and induce an immune response to provide future protection against the pathogen or eliminate cells infected with an infectious disease or cancer. This sequence is depicted in the illustration below.

The combination of Inovio's synthetic DNA immunotherapies delivered using its electroporation devices has to date shown a favorable safety profile, without serious adverse events and only mild local injection-related side effects such as redness and swelling; it is tolerable without anesthetic; and because it does not induce unwanted immune responses, it can be repeatedly administered for booster vaccinations.

Highly Efficient Electroporation Delivery of SynCon® Vaccine Enables
Best-in-Class Immune Responses

Synthetic Vaccine Design + Electroporation Delivery = Improved Immune Responses
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