Generating best-in-class immune responses to fight cancers and infectious diseases

Inovio’s quest to revolutionize vaccines requires the achievement of powerful new capabilities to stimulate the body’s immune system. Inovio’s marriage of two distinct proprietary technologies is enabling our progress toward this goal:

  • Our synthetic vaccines are designed not only to prevent, but treat diseases; to provide universal protection against existing and newly emerging strains of pathogens; and to break the body’s tolerance of cancerous cells.
  • Our electroporation vaccine delivery technology plays a vital role in facilitating best-in-class immune responses from our synthetic vaccines in humans.


In human studies, our synthetic vaccine technology platform has demonstrated best-in-class T-cell immune responses and, for the first time by any non-live platform, the killing effect of those T-cells.  We have also achieved initial evidence of universal protection against multiple unmatched strains. With these capabilities, our synthetic vaccine platform is surpassing conventional vaccine and other experimental immune-stimulating technologies.

Inovio’s platform is applicable to cancers and infectious diseases. To date we have developed vaccine product candidates for cervical dysplasia/cancer, prostate cancer, hepatitis C virus, HIV, influenza, malaria and tropical diseases. Our lead program targeting cervical dysplasia is in a Phase II clinical study.

Our SynCon® vaccine and electroporation delivery technologies are supported by a dominant intellectual property and patent estate that enables us to play a pioneering role in transforming vaccine design, manufacturing, and delivery for the 21st century.

Outside of the focus on developing revolutionary preventive and therapeutic vaccines for humans, Inovio has other related technologies available for partnering. These include gene expression regulating technologies; an inducible Treg technology; a DNA-based monoclonal antibody technology; and a novel small molecule anti-inflammatory drug.