Generating best-in-class immune responses to fight cancers and infectious diseases

Inovio’s quest to revolutionize the fight against cancers and infectious diseases relies on novel capabilities to more powerfully activate the body’s immune system. Inovio’s marriage of two distinct proprietary technologies is enabling our progress toward this goal:

  • Our DNA-based immunotherapies are designed to treat and/or prevent diseases. Our core SynCon® DNA plasmid technology is based on a very “simple” concept: we take the genetic code for a vital element of the immune system or immune response and facilitate significant production of it IN THE BODY. With our novel approach to synthetically designing the genetic code, we are aiming to help the body more readily break the body’s tolerance of cancerous cells or achieve more universal protection against both existing and newly emerging strains of pathogens. Our products are designed to produce multiple disease-specific antigens, cytokines that help kick-start the immune system, and monoclonal antibodies that provide a differentiated immune response to rapidly protect against a target disease.
  • Our electroporation delivery technology plays a vital role in activating best-in-class immune responses from our immunotherapy products.

Using an active immunotherapy approach (i.e. produced in the body) rather than passive production (e.g. external modification and/or production of proteins, cytokines, T-cells, or monoclonal antibodies that are then administered into the body), our products work most similarly to a natural immune response and function within the boundaries and controls of the immune system. We have experienced an excellent safety profile to date.

In human studies our synthetic DNA technology platform has demonstrated best-in-class T-cell immune responses and the killing effect of those T-cells. We have achieved initial evidence of universal protection against multiple unmatched viral strains. Our DNA-based cytokines have shown the ability to further enhance immune responses. In animal studies we are showing powerful data from our novel method for generating monoclonal antibodies in vivo. The development of our DNA monoclonal antibody application is being partially supported through significant grants from DARPA.

Inovio’s platform is applicable to cancers and infectious diseases. We have developed antigen-targeting immunotherapy and vaccine product candidates for HPV-caused precancers and cancers, breast, lung, pancreatic, and prostate cancer, hepatitis, HIV, influenza, Ebola, and other diseases. Our lead program targeting cervical dysplasia generated validating efficacy data in a phase II clinical study.

Our SynCon® immunotherapy and electroporation delivery technologies are supported by a dominant intellectual property and patent estate that enables us to play a pioneering role in transforming immune therapy design, manufacturing, and delivery for the 21st century.

Outside of the focus on developing revolutionary preventive and therapeutic immunotherapies for humans, Inovio has other related technologies available for partnering. These include gene expression regulating technologies; an inducible Treg technology; and a novel small molecule anti-inflammatory drug.