Inovio intellectual property covering vaccines and electroporation

Inovio has established a leading position in the biopharmaceutical industry with its synthetic DNA vaccine technology platform and is protecting this position with a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

Inovio's primary IP encompasses:

  • SynCon® DNA vaccines for specific disease areas, including the proprietary consensus gene sequences of the targeted antigens
  • DNA-based immune activators
  • DNA vaccine formulations
  • Electroporation delivery products in clinical and near clinical development as well as next-generation electroporation devices
  • Broad patent coverage of core electroporation parameters and methods of application.

Inovio has pharmaceutical patents covering small molecule products to prevent and/or ameliorate inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases including allergies, and type I diabetes.

Inovio, through its subsidiary VGX Animal Health, has a comprehensive IP portfolio covering its growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) related therapies and species-specific synthetic vaccines, including those for infectious diseases and cancers.

Inovio has created and generated goodwill in various trademarks, including federally registered trademarks that cover its DNA products and electroporation devices. These trademarks include SynCon®, CELLECTRA®, LifeTide®, and PENNVAX®.