Significant need for a new generation of preventive and therapeutic vaccines

The global vaccine industry is estimated to reach sales of $52 billion by 2016 (Research and Markets, “The Future of Global Vaccines - Market Forecasts to 2016, Stockpile Analysis, Competitive Benchmarking and Pipeline Analysis”), up from around $13 billion in 2007. The key factors supporting this growth rate, which has outpaced the overall pharmaceutical market, include high growth in emerging markets, technological advancements, and a focus on adult diseases such as HPV.

Successful development of a new generation of vaccine technology could significantly contribute to the further growth of the vaccine market. For example:

  • Therapeutic vaccines able to induce powerful T-cell responses may help address the extraordinary prevalence of hepatitis B and C virus (HBV and HCV) and HIV; as well as support the fight against cancers and the viruses that often cause cancers, e.g. cervical dysplasias and cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV); liver cancers caused by hepatitis.
  • “Universal” vaccines designed to protect against unmatched, multiple strains and changing strains of pathogens would potentially provide better protection against, for example, seasonal and pandemic influenza.
  • There are diseases such as herpes, RSV, chlamydia, malaria – the list is long – without good prevention or treatments. Many of these diseases, such as CMV and h. pylori, may not typically result in death, but are highly prevalent in the population and can cause devastating morbidity, e.g. hearing loss, visual impairment, and cognitive deficit caused by CMV.

As a product-focused vaccine development company, Inovio is applying its synthetic DNA vaccine platform to develop vaccines addressing global unmet needs in infectious diseases and cancers. In clinical trials, our technology is generating the types of immune responses that are potentially capable of preventing and treating diseases. We have achieved data in humans showing the potential capability to protect against multiple strains of a disease with a single vaccine, early evidence of the promise to achieve universal protection against changing strains of a pathogen. We are also advancing vaccines designed to help break the body’s tolerance of self-made cancerous cells. Our product pipeline contains multiple vaccine candidates ranging from preclinical to Phase II clinical studies.

The table below highlights the staggering number of people affected by just some of the different diseases that Inovio is already pursuing or may potentially target for SynCon® vaccine development in the future.

The Continuing, Significant Impact of Cancers and Infectious Diseases
  • Cases*
  • Deaths
Potential Disease Targets01M10M100M
Hepatitis B
Influenza, Seasonal (severe)
Hepatitis C
Lung Cancer
Liver Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Cervical Dysplasia
Cervical Cancer
Colon Cancer
Esophagus Cancer
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer


* The represented figures are from disparate third party sources and time periods are intended to provide an approximation of deaths and cases. “Cases” represents a mix of prevalence and incidence due to inconsistent availability of this data and, for this purpose, typically represents the figure of greater significance.