Expanding immune system stimulation to revolutionize the fight against cancers & infectious diseases...

That is Inovio’s quest. Stimulating the body’s immune system remains one of the most promising approaches to addressing the unmet needs of cancers, HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. Our DNA-based immunotherapy technology platform is progressively showing its potential to establish a new paradigm to prevent and treat life-altering diseases, with validating efficacy data from a large controlled phase II study– the first for our technology and the field of DNA-based immunotherapies. These immunotherapies could potentially protect millions of people from sickness or death due to disease.

Current vaccine strategies based on inactivated or weakened viruses were tremendously successful in reducing significant disease burden associated with the major killers of the 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately, this approach is not ideal for hard to treat infectious diseases of the 21st century. In the area of cancer, immune tolerance - the inability of our immune system to distinguish cancerous cells from normal cells - is a major challenge and, despite the encouraging breakthroughs of various new immunotherapy technologies, new approaches are still needed to help the immune system recognize diseased cells and mount more robust T cell responses (the weapons that eliminate infected or cancerous cells).

The goal to revolutionize the fight against cancers and infectious diseases to overcome these limitations can only be achieved with cutting-edge thinking about immune stimulation and new methods of immunotherapy design, formulation, and delivery. Our proprietary SynCon® immunotherapy design process and electroporation delivery systems are the cumulative result of decades of research by world leaders in the important advancing field of DNA-based immunotherapies. The growing list of partners, collaborators and funding agencies that have chosen to embrace and support Inovio and its technology is a testament to the potential of our promising technology. We are proud and appreciative of these relationships–and very pleased with the results we have achieved to date.

At Inovio, we are playing an integral role in defining the future of medicine. We invite you to join us on our journey: as an investor, a participant in our clinical studies, an investigator, a partner, or just an interested observer.

Joeseph Kim

J. Joseph Kim, Ph.D.
President and CEO