Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to develop safe and effective therapeutic products to promote health against cancers and challenging infectious diseases. We do this by conducting clinical trials in which we collect safety and efficacy data about our investigational products with the goal of submitting those data to regulatory authorities, like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), so that these new products can be legally approved for use. To participate in a clinical trial, you must meet certain criteria and be informed about the risks of participation.  For more information about our clinical trials, please visit    

Inovio Pharmaceuticals or its partners and collaborators are conducting multiple clinical trials for DNA immunotherapies to prevent and/or treat cancers and infectious diseases. Inovio may be recruiting for these trials, so please visit the links provided for more information. You can find out about eligibility requirements, participating hospitals and clinics, and the status and length of the trial, along with answers to other frequently asked questions.

You can also contact an Inovio clinical study representative for further information by emailing

Inovio is committed to the safety of patients who take part in our trials, and we uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our research initiatives.

Our expanded access policy is available here.